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These are my artwork just for fun!Some are requests for my friends!!!!


These are some of drawings that are from my friends!Some are my requets form them too!!!So,fill free to browse my favorites!!!!!!!


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello my name is Jam Jam and I love to draw all types of things!

Current Residence: My room
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Favourite genre of music: Hip-hop
Favourite photographer: My sister Leilad80
Favourite style of art: Leilad80
Operating System: Laptop
MP3 player of choice: Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3
Wallpaper of choice: Leila and Jettwins
Favourite cartoon character: Grim Jr,Jetfire,Jetstorm,Wasp,Skywarp,and Jem, and Salior Jupiter
Personal Quote:I love to make my dA brothers and sisters happy!

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What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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What Genre Of Manga Are You?
What Genre Of Manga Are You?
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What Is Your Emblem?
What Is Your Emblem?
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Which Hetalia Character Are You?
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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What Soul Eater Guy Is For You?
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Which Sailor Scout Are You?
Which Sailor Scout Are You?
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What Sailor Scout Are You?
What Sailor Scout Are You?
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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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What Is Your Anime Hair Colour?
What Is Your Anime Hair Colour?
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What Kind Of Pony Are You?
What Kind Of Pony Are You?
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Friends IRL:
:icontechmoginger4eves: :iconhsteichen: :icontrulydestiny: :iconprincessalley12: :iconkookai-senpai:


103 deviations

Julie O'Neil by sparklegirl23

Name: Julie Paris O'Neil

Nickname: Opal (because of her eyes)


Birthday: May 17, 1998

Long black hair with neon green streak. She will usually tie her hair into a bun to keep it out of her face. After being mutated, she cut her hair since long hair didn't work for her now. She will usually change the streak colors, but her hair will change as well when her powers are active. She has light brown skin with an ear piercings on her left ear. Her eyes are very unique because they are white-like opal color. This is how she got her nickname. Her tattoos, a crescent moon and the Japanese symbol for family, (Like Raph's for tmnt 2014) on both of her shoulders. She has black glasses, but doesn't wear them a lot. Wears a circular amulet with 4 gems of red, blue, ice blue, and fluroscent yellow.

Human (Mutant turtle later on)

Kind of a ‘geeky’ type girl is the easiest way to describe her. She is very smart and has her shy moments though is mostly out spoken and not afraid to tell it like it is; though makes sure not to offend anyone in the process. She is very kind to others, even strangers. She has a temper too.

Background Story:
Was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois with her mother. She does not have any siblings, which is why her mother is very protective of her and will not usually go out at night. However, she decided to visit her favorite cousin, April, in New York City. Her mother wouldn't let her go, so she decided to leave without telling her, but she did tell April ahead of time to let her get prepared. Once she arrived there, she  discovered that here cousin was best friend with 4 mutant turtles and 1 mutant rat.

Relationships w/guys:
Mikey; Video game pal.
Raph; Older brother figure.
Leo; Best friend.
Donnie; Crush.
Master Splinter; Wise teacher

Bow and arrows

Powers: Amulet gives her 4 elemental demon forms
Fire----> When becoming full of rage, her hair is made of flames and eyes turn a flaming red. The amulet is worn around he forehead  Can make fire appear in her hands and any weapon she touches, it will be engulfed in flames and can used by her.
Water----> When feeling threated, her eyes turn into a dark ocean blue. Her hair and body become made of water.
Ice------> Whenever she feels down or mad, she becomes the ice queen (Elsa reference lol!) Her hair turns to a light blonde with ice blue and pink streaks. Hey eyes are the same ice blue color in her hair and has pink and sky blue diamonds in her hair. Her powers are to turn things into ice and can use them against her enemies.
Thunder-----> Being the super hyper girl she is, like Mikey, her hair will become lighting yellow and tied into twin pigtails. Her eyes turn fluroscent yellow. She can control lighting that will shock anyone that touches her.

April O'Neil------->Cousin
Kiya O'Neil------->Mother

Practicing with her tessen and other weapons
Playing video games

Julie O'Neil Bio
This is the bio for my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle oc Julie.
  • Mood: Excited
  • Eating: Fried Chicken
  • Drinking: Orange crush
1. First thing's first. What's your name?
(Call me Jammy or Jango :3 )

2. How about your age?

3. Gender?

4. Birthday?

5. Birthplace?
Chicago, Illinois

6. Height?
5'5....I think

7. Weight?
I think 140

8. Zodiac sign?
Libra/ Scorpio

9. Birthstone?

10. Heritage?
African American

Personal qualitative section.

1. Eye colour?
Dark Brown

2. Hair colour/style. Is it your natural hair?
Short, black hair. Yes it is

3. Current fitness?
Average size

4. Skin tone?
Medium brown

Romance Section.

1. What's your sexuality?

2. Current relationship status?
I have a boyfriend :3

3. How many relationships have you been in? And could you give a brief description of them?
I don't feel comfortable telling this

4. What is your favourite feature of your preferred gender?
Eyes, Hair, and Booty

5. Are you a virgin?

6. How often do you go on dates with your partner? (If you currently have one). Perhaps tell where you went for your favourite date?
Almost all the time. When we went out to eat on my birthday

7. If you aren't already, do you hope to marry the person you are with?
I hope so.

8. If you aren't in a relationship then do you have a crush on someone?

9. Where is your favourite spot to be kissed?
The cheek

10. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
8 years old

Seven Deadly Sins Section.

1. Would you be considered a glutton?
A girl's gotta eat, so yeah XD

2. A sloth?

3. Lustful?

4. Envious?

5. Wrathful?

6. Greedy?
Not really

7. Prideful?

"Naughty" Section.

1. Ever done crack?

2. Smoked weed?

3. Done meth?
No way

4. How about tried speed?
No, I'm not Sanic

5. Heroine?
Nuh uh

6. Shrooms?

7. Do you often drink?

8. Do you watch any form of pornography?

9. Ever stolen something?
When I was younger I think...

10. Ever abused or bullied someone?

11. Ever been arrested?
Nuh uh

12. Ever cheated on someone?

13. Have you ever gotten alcohol poisoning?

14. Have you ever abused the use of over the counter drugs?

Education Section.

1. Are you still in school?
High School

2. If so, then what grade?
Junior, but graduating early

3. Your best subject in school?
From outside of Art, I'd say Science

4. Worst subject in school?

5. Did you drop out of school?

6. If you are in college, then what is your major?
Not in college yet

Family Section.

1. Describe your relationship with your parents.
I love with my mom, she is my best friends and she's my twin Heart

2. Relationship with your siblings?
I have 3 sister, 2 step-brothers, and 1 little brother. I get along with them

3. With your family in general?
In spite of some ups and downs, I wouldn't trade them for the world Heart

4. Ever experienced the death of someone close to you?
My grandfather on my dad's side

Life Section.

1. Do you have a lot of friends?

2. Would you consider yourself a loner?

3. Describe your style of clothing.
Colorful shirts, long pants and yoga clothes

4. Briefly describe your childhood.
Imaginative, Playful, kind

5. Best memory.
Going to regionals with my Science Olympiad team

6. Worst memory. 
...Don't really wanna talk about it...

7. Best aspect of life right now?
Being able to express myself creatively more than ever before :D (Big Grin)

8. Worst aspect?
Adjusting to the adult schedule of things Shrug

Religious Section.

1. Do you have a religion?

2. Do you believe in God or a form of intelligent design?

3. Do people need to live by morals or just live to have fun?
I really don't know 

4. Briefly describe your top 5 most important beliefs/moral standards

  • Treat others the way YOU wanna be treated
  • Don't let haters slow you down
  • Have an open-mind and treat others with respect (even if they don't agree with you all the time)
  • Show kindness/generosity whenever you have the right opportunity
  • Try to be as honest as possible, and never take "short cuts" (like cheating) 

"Life Sucks" Section:

1. Do you have any allergies?
Not that I know of exactly....outside of the usual seasonal stuff

2. Addictions?

3. Health problems(physical)
Shrug Kind of have some back problems but nothing too major...

4. Permanent injuries/scars?
Huge scar on my  right leg from playing football

Favourites Section.

1. Colour?
Neon green

2. Style of music?
Hip Hop

3. Food?

4. Drink?

5. Outfit?
Yoga pants with tank top

6. Animal?
Sea turtles and huskies

7. Plant?

8. Book?

9. Movie?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014

10. Song?
"Bailando"- Enrique Iglesias

11. Album?
No favorite yet

12. Band/musical artist?
"Fall Out Boy"

13. Actor/actress?

14. Hobby?
Drawing and singing

15. School subject?

16. Sport?

17. TV show?

18. Pass-time?

19. Candy?
Either Hershey Chocolate Bars or Gummy Bears

20. Pizza toppings?

21. Dessert?
Ice cream

22. Fruit?

23. Type of pie/cake?
Chocolate chip cream pie

24. Flavour of ice cream?

25. Weather?

26. Time of day?
12:45 pm

27. Word?

28. Smell?

29. Sound?

30. Vacation spot?
Disney Land and or Hawaii

Would you rather… (please briefly explain your answers.)

1. Live in the city or country?

2. Travel by plane or by boat?

3. Be deaf or blind?

4. Wear hardcore gothic clothing or dress in all pink?
I could do both

5. Stay human or be an animal? (If animal then what animal and why?)
I wanna be human, but be able to turn into a dog

6. Be surrounded by rowdy teenage guys or preppy teenage girls?
Mostly boys

7. Stay at home or go out and party? 

8. Have a pet dog or a pet cat?

9. Only be allowed to eat candy or only be allowed to eat raw fruits and vegetables?
Raw fruits and vegetables, but have candy for dessert

10. Play video games or exercise?

11. Read or watch TV?
TV probably

12. Draw or paint?

13. Only be able to yell to speak, or be mute?
Mute. Yelling just strains my throat too much XP

14. Continue this meme or go do something more interesting?

Personal Opinion Section.

1. Opinion of your appearance.
Meh, kinda average/bland....could be better...

2. Opinion of your personality.
I need to be more outgoing and bold

3. Opinion of your family.
Love 'em

4. Opinion of your friends.
Love 'em tooooooooooo Hug

5. Opinion on religion
As nice as it seems to have faith in something, it is NEVER okay to force those types of beliefs onto others. Doing so would automatically lose respect from me No, I disagree!

6. Opinion on homosexuality.
LOVE IT! I mean, I may not be completely homosexual myself but I firmly believe that EVERYONE has the right to love WHOEVER they want, regardless of their gender/sexuality. So really, why continuously bash, discriminate and hate on someone just for being who they are? It just makes YOU look like the biggest asshole in the long run, so why bother...right? Shrug

7. Opinion of school/work.
Meh, a pain in the ass but get it done quickly and it'll save you the hassle in the long run Phew!

8. Opinion of modern society.
So much butthurt left and right, I swear...Facepalm

9. Opinion of today's politics.
Never liked it, nor cared to take part in it...

What was the last…

1. Movie you saw?
Finding Nemo

2. Book you read?
One of my old Ripley's books...

3. TV show you watched?
Animal Planet's "The Most Xtreme"

4. Thing you ate?
Alfredo Pasta

5. Thing you drank?
Crush orange

6. Piece of art/literature/poetry you did?
Picture of oc in her ice form

7. Person you kissed.
My boyfriend

8. Person you texted/Instant messaged/emailed?
One of my RP buddies

9. Time you exercised?
Earlier this afternoon. Does walking my dog count?

10. Dream you had?
I was getting ready for a

11. Thing you favourited on deviantART?
Hula by GingerQuin

12. Animal you saw?

13. Time you cried?
Watched a sad anime movie

14. Time you laughed?
I watched this video

15. Time you were furious?
I was mad at my older sistermy

Have you ever…

1. Punched someone?

2. Kissed, or done more with, someone of the same gender?

3. Thrown up on someone?
I puked on a school table

4. Been thrown up on?

5. Been to a rave?
Not yet

6. Danced on a table?

7. Had a hangover?

8. Flashed someone?

9. Sneezed more than 3 times in a row?

10. Found a large(ish) amount of money on the ground?

11. Gambled?

12. Won a bet?

13. Lost a bet?
One time

14. Hugged a zebra?
Not yet

15. Been terrified by a street mime?
Never met a real-life mime

16. Found a clown under your bed?

17. Seen a ghost?

18. Talked to an inanimate object?
Yes. My Mikey from teenage mutant ninja turtle

19. Yelled at an inanimate object?

20. Punched an inanimate object because you were mad at it?

21. Been caught doing something "naughty" by your parents?

22. Ever sang in the rain?

23. Danced in the rain?

24. Eaten sugary junk food until you threw up then ate some more?

25. Managed to burn water?

Final Section

1. Did you like this meme?
Yeah, it was fun :) (Smile)

2. Would you do others that are similar?
Maybe, if I see any

3. Are you glad this meme is over?
Yeah...I gotta go to bed lol

4. Now who are you going to choose as the meme's next victims? (Tag people if you like, not required.)
Noooooo one~ Just do this if you want to, folks XD

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